Sufiah Yusof (Shilpa Lee) Exclusive Nona TV3 Interview

Sufiah Yusof aka Shilpa Lee

I’m sure we’ve all heard about Sufiah Yusof (aka Shilpa Lee), who once made us Malaysians so proud for being a Maths genius and accepted into Oxford at the young age of 13. Then she once again made the headlines when she was caught selling her body, or in another word, got into prostitution and escorting service. Then after all the kerfuffle, she went into ‘hiding’ and we haven’t heard about her until yesterday. TV3 Nona managed to track her down and she surprisingly agreed to do an interview for the first time after the whole escort thing.

You can watch the video below.

When Sufiah Yusof was in the escort service, she used the name ‘Shilpa Lee‘, and posted her service online. Some reporters went to see her disguised as potential clients and secretly filmed her taking her top off, which is later exposed. That’s why when you do things like that, you need to think of the consequences especially when people already know you. Now her topless picture is forever immortalized on the interweb.

I’m glad she’s no longer in the dirty industry. We’ve all made mistakes in the past, and from the look of it, I’m sure she has learned some valuable lessons from it. We can’t judge her since we don’t know what she’s been through. You won’t understand the pressure of being in the media’s eyes, and being in Oxford at such a young age, then getting married at a young age which later failed.

So I wish her all the best. Hopefully her life will get better, and I don’t think we should meddle in her business and her life. She can live her life how she wants to, just like all of us. Nobody has the right to tell her how to live her life since she’s a grown adult, not a kid.

News of the World UK once did an interview with her about her prostitution career where she gloated about how satisfying the industry is in fulfilling her needs. I’ll end this entry with the video from that interview.

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