How to Watch Netflix in Malaysia

UPDATE JAN 10th 2016: Netflix is now available in Malaysia! Read my new post: Netflix Malaysia – Should You Subscribe?

I get this question quite often – “How do you watch Netflix in Malaysia?” whenever I mention Netflix. Some of you might have heard of Netflix and know what it is, but some of you might not. Netflix is an online video streaming website available in US and some other countries but sadly not in Malaysia. In this post, I’ll explain Netflix, the benefits of using Netflix and how you can access Netflix in Malaysia.

Netflix is a popular online video streaming website available in US and some other countries but sadly not in Malaysia. In this post, I’ll explain Netflix, the benefits of using Netflix and how you can access Netflix in Malaysia.

I have heard of Netflix for a long time, but they don’t allow access outside of Malaysia so trying to access Netflix in Malaysia will only give you the following error:

How to Watch Netflix in Malaysia




Basically, Netflix allows you to stream movies and TV shows with UNLIMITED views starting at $7.99 (RM30+) a month. Yes, that’s it. That’s all you need to pay to watch thousands of movies available online to be streamed instantly without having to download onto your HDD.

You can choose thousands of movies from various categories – Action, Musical, Horror, Comedy, Foreign, Kids etc. and not forgetting TV shows from Sitcoms, Drama, Stand-up Comedy etc.

How to Watch Netflix in Malaysia

Netflix removes and adds movies every month so you’ll always get new movies added.

US customers can choose to have the DVD rental plan but, of course, that’s not available outside of US. But here’s the thing, you’re not just limited to US selection only. You can also view other ‘regions’ where they have a different selection of movies and shows. Keep reading and I’ll tell you how.

Forget Astro. Seriously. Why pay so much money every month to Astro only to watch repeated shows and movies? You can’t choose to watch what movies or TV shows you want at anytime you like.

I’ve terminated my Astro account more than a year ago and I’m glad I got Netflix instead. Now, not only I can watch unlimited movies and TV shows, but I’ve also discovered many awesome movies I’ve never even heard of through their recommendation system. Oh yeah, uncut/uncensored too.

But as I’ve mentioned earlier, unfortunately, Netflix is not available in some countries. Fortunately, there are alternatives to how you can get Netflix to work in your country.



There are two types of options you can choose – DNS or VPN.

DNS – It’s not a full VPN. It will be activated when you are accessing blocked website and mask your real IP. But for other unblocked websites, you will still use your connection normally with your current IP. So consider it best of both worlds. You would also be using your own connection speed and there’s no throttling.

VPN – A total encryption. All of your internet traffics will go through a special network that will change your IP and present your connection as if you’re at a different location. Depending on the service, it can throttle your connection speed and such, but better when you need total encryption, especially when you’re using public WiFi.

There are several DNS/VPN that I’ve tried and currently I’m using UnblockUS. I switched over to this and never turned back. I highly recommend this for watching Netflix.

UnblockUS is a DNS service and very easy to setup and use. They have 7 day trial option that you can subscribe to and use instantly without having to install anything. All you have to do is just add their DNS to your setting, which is explained on the website. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do anything. Nothing to cancel. It’ll just expire by itself. I’ll write a complete tutorial on using UnblockUS soon.

Once you’ve registered and added their DNS to your setting and verified that everything is setup correctly, then you can try to load Netflix’s website. If it loads without the usual error, then the first step is a success. Now, you need to register for Netflix’s one month trial.



This is the most complicated part because some people have success with it, some people failed. The main problem is that sometimes they don’t accept non-US credit card. You can try to register with your credit card but make sure the zip is a US zip code. You can use any zip code you want.

Alternative – You can try to register for US Paypal (make sure you have a US address) and see if it works. I’ve tried it but unfortunately it won’t work for me.

If you card managed to go through with the registration, voila! You’re all done! You can start enjoying movies now!

What happens if you can’t register?

Try different cards. I tried with my Maybank debit card and it didn’t work, and I’ve heard stories that some credit cards from other banks worked so like I said, trial and error. Keep trying. Some say Maybank Amex card works. Maybe you can register for CIMB’s Kwik Card and try.

In Malaysia, there are some ‘service’ or sellers that resell a joined account. I personally don’t agree with this because you’ll be sharing your account with somebody else who could abuse it. I prefer an account of my own where I have a complete control over it.

By using VPN such as UnblockUS or Hola! or Hotspot Shield, not only you can access Netflix but you can also access other restricted websites & services like HULU, Amazon Prime, BBC, CBS, Pandora and more. VPN is also very useful if you’re traveling abroad, but you still want to access blocked websites.




  • Phone

Apart from viewing Netflix on your computer, you can also watch Netflix on your mobile phone using their app. Since I have a Samsung Note 2 phone running on Android, here’s how the app looks:

How to Watch Netflix in Malaysia & Outside of USA
Netflix App in My Samsung Phone

You can watch Netflix anywhere provided that you have the working VPN (check below for my recommended VPN). You also need to use VPN to access US Google Play Store (not sure about app store though) to download the Netflix app.


  • TV Set

If you have a TV that supports Netflix, you can also download the Netflix app and use UnblockUS with your router to watch it! I have a 2011 Samsung TV and after a little bit modifying, I managed to access the US version of the store and download the Netflix app. Here’s how the Netflix app looks on my Samsung TV:

How to Watch Netflix in Malaysia & Outside of USA
Netflix App in My Samsung TV (2011 model)

My TV is an older version so the app’s interface may vary with different model. There also other options with other devices such as Apple TV, ChromeCast, Roku etc.


  • Windows 8

If you are using Windows 8 on your computer, you can download the Netflix app but you have to make sure to change your location to US first (I think can be set in region setting) so the app will show up. Sometimes I prefer using the app instead of web browser unless I need to browse and keep switching windows while letting the movie play in the background. With the app, you can’t do that. If you minimize the app it’ll stop the movie.

Here’s what my list looks like in the Netflix app for Windows 8.1. ‘My List‘ is the instant queue list, where you save movie titles or shows that you want to watch later. Kind of like a bookmark. It used to be available only in your home region (the region you’re registered to) but now they’ve made it available in all regions. Finally! I’ve been wishing for that feature for ages!

How to Watch Netflix in Malaysia & Outside of USA
Netflix App in Win 8.1



Update: Now that Netflix is available in Malaysia, should you still use VPN? Yes! Read my updated post explaining why.

UPDATED POST ON VPN FOR NETFLIX MALAYSIA: Netflix Malaysia – Should You Subscribe?

Here are my top 3 recommended DNS/VPN that I’ve personally used to watch Netflix and other geo-restricted sites. They’re based on my personal opinion, and you might find other more suited for you. I’ll link to some other popular VPN services but I haven’t tried them yet so I can’t comment on them. I’ll write a more detailed post soon.


Unblock-US Watch Netflix in Malaysia 468x60


1. UNBLOCKUS (Highly Recommended)


  • Free 7 day trial. Nothing to install, no cancelation needed, nothing to register. Instant access.
  • Easy to setup. No software to install. Just add their DNS to your connection setting and you’re done.
    Tips: Set their DNS in your router setting instead of your computer, so you can use their DNS with your WiFi on your computer, TV, phone, tablet etc (provided they’re connected through the same WiFi)
  • Retain your speed. You actually only use their DNS, to sort of ‘mask’ your location, that’s all. The best thing about that is it won’t throttle your speed! You will use your connection as normal.
  • Switch Netflix region easily! This is the BEST service ever because, unlike other VPN, UnblockUS has an option that you can switch Netflix region easily for example like Netflix UK, Netflix Brazil, Netflix Sweden etc. Each Netflix region do contain movies and shows not available in another region, so more choices!
    For example, late March 2015, Netflix is launched in Australia and they get Frozen & Maleficent and full Twilight saga which aren’t available in other regions.
  • It’s affordable. Only $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year (2 months free!)
  • Use it anywhere! You can use their VPN on your mobile devices or while you’re away – in your car, college campus, hotspot wifi, hotel wifi etc.

Cons – Haven’t tried their VPN on my mobile under 3G connection so I can’t comment on that. It’s a new service, and prior to this, it doesn’t work on mobile connection.

They’re NOT a full VPN. It’s more like masking your IP which means you’re still browsing normally with your current IP but when you access a blocked website/services (like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora etc.) they’ll re-route your connection and ‘fool’ the websites. Something like that.


 2. HOLA! (Free)

  • It’s FREE. But there’s also paid premium option.
  • Free browser extension. You can install browser extension to use it and you can choose which country you want to use! Most popular countries like US, UK do work but lesser known countries might not work as good. Easy to switch on or off.
  • Free app. You can download the app on your mobile phone! But apparently, it wouldn’t work on my Maxis phone connection. Only works when connected through wifi.
  • Easy to use.
  • Use it anywhere! Their app & VPN now works over 3G connection as well.

Cons – The connection can slow down sometimes, or stop working unless you pay premium. Hey, it’s free, so can’t complain much I guess. They will use your connection for others or in another word, use you as peer. Same concept as torrenting where there’s no specific main server. You leech off people, and people leech off you. Who knows what the repercussions are from this if it’s abused. They also throttle speed.

Netflix doesn’t work on 3G connection using Hola. Netflix works great now using my Maxis 3G connection & Hola!


3. HOTSPOT SHIELD (Free & Paid)

  • It’s FREE but there’s also paid elite option (Free version won’t work with Netflix, Hulu etc.)
  • Easy to setup, you just install the software and voila! You can start browsing.
  • Free app. You can also install the app on your phone, which works great over wifi or 3G connection.
  • Easy country selection. You can choose USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, China, India and Germany. This works GREAT if you want to access Google Play Store from those countries. Plus, it’s full VPN, not just masking your DNS.
  • Alternative payment method. No credit card? No problem, as you can pay using Paypal. Starting at $2.49 a month or $29.95 a year. One of the cheapest VPNs so far. They used to offer method of paying with MOL or mobile, but seems that it’s no longer available.

Cons – Free version contains annoying ads, speed throttle and doesn’t work with Netflix, Hulu etc. unless you subscribe to Elite. I’ve experienced a few problems viewing Netflix. Abused IP – you might find your access to some forums is banned due to spammers using the same hotspot shield IP. But I haven’t tried their service in a while, so this might have changed. Will update this post once I’ve tried it again.



I haven’t tried these myself, so I can’t comment on their service. You can check them out yourself to see if they’re suitable for you.

Have you tried anything else? Let me know in the comment.

Hopefully, one day Netflix will be available in Malaysia (and also your country if you’re not in Malaysia) so we don’t have to go through all this trouble to enjoy it. But in the meantime, I hope this tutorial helped you somehow. Good luck!

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* This post may contains affiliate links where I get some commissions/compensations if you sign up for their service at no additional cost to you. I only recommend services I’ve used and trusted.


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    1. Hi Faz, thanks for visiting!
      Hope you’re enjoying Netflix! Have you heard about Malaysia’s new alternative to Netflix? 😀

  1. Hi,
    I have been using NETFLIX > 2 years already. Recently i have some issue whereby the bit rates is very low and the quality is bad despite having an 8Mbps connection. I am using Windows 8.1 and PC to stream. It keeps dropping to the lowest 235kbps like that. Do you have similar issues? It only happens starting around mid-May 2015. I am using TIMES fibre broadband.

    1. Hi Matrix Rocks, are you still experiencing the issue? I doubt it was Netflixs issue though, maybe there was some issue with your broadband. I don’t remember experiencing any issues with my Netflix though during that time 🙂

  2. This sound complicated but possible. I really want to use netflix. I’ve tried once this kind of trick when I started playing online game using Xbox 360. I just don’t like the process of making it possible..and if it failed..another hours and hours of trying.

    It’s better to have Netflix itself launch here in Malaysia. I wonder why almost all of this interesting tech (for me its xbox online and netflix) do not want to spread their empire to Malaysia? Perhaps there are still a lot of us that have that kind of mentality to support piracy. I don’t. I want netflix.

    1. We have alternative now called iflix but it’s still new, so it’s not as good as netflix since if you use netflix and unblock-us, you’ll able to change region and see more selections. 🙂 If you watch it at home, you can use unblock-us to change DNS for your router so it’ll work on all devices using the same wifi. Very easy.

    1. Hi, you can try various debit cards. Mine worked, but you have to put US zip code instead. It’s more of a trial and error thing 🙂

  3. hi i tried to set up the dns by using unblock us but how do i cahnge my dns if i dont receive or see any dns number? despite i clicked on verifying n login using my email address but still no dns number that i can key on my devce 🙁

  4. article from internet…enjoy.

    You can now subscribe to Netflix using your credit-card, even if you do not have a US billing address. When they ask for a US zip code, just pick a valid US postal code from google maps as you will see below.

    Getting a valid US zip code:
    Open google maps and search for any hotel or restaurant. For example Portland Oregon hotels
    Just click on any hotel and get the 5 numbers zip code which is available after the complete address.

    Go to Netflix and choose start your free month:

    Choose your package and use a valid email address to register.

    If you do not have a US PayPal account, please choose credit-card payment.

    Enter your correct credit-card information
    And use the US zip code you found at the beginning. Please only use the 5 numbers zip code, no other extra letters.

    Start your membership.

    1. Thanks Zuk, but if say Hulu wont accept my debit card, can i get a US Paypal A/C instead? Do you know which debit cards are accepted? Cheers!

  5. hai, do i really need box set like Apple TV etc? can i stream it using my laptop? Unifi can support or not? and one more thing, can i use my ps3 as replacement for apple tv? sorry I’m really noob about all this. :/

    1. Hey nik afiq, nope you don’t need a box set or anything like that. You can just stream Netflix on your laptop/desktop and even phone. Unifi works really good in streaming HD in Netflix BUT you need the DNS/VPN services above (UnblockUS, Hola! or Hotspot Shield). You cannot use Unifi alone without those because Netflix will detect your location and block you. You can use your PS3 if I’m not mistaken, but I’m not sure how that’s done because I don’t have one. If you use Unifi, I suggest use UnblockUS (link in the post) and change your router’s DNS instead. I hope I can put up a tutorial soon on how to do that. Hope that answers your questions 🙂

    1. Hi Wan, I think you’re referring to iFlix. That’s our own alternative to Netflix. It’s similar but the selection is still very small compared to Netflix.

      1. Thanks for the info! I didn’t know that, my bad. I just tested it, but the selection is boring. Maybe because it’s still new. Very expensive if compared to iFlix, but to answer your previous comment, in this case, you’d only need to bypass if you want to watch other regions. Like I mentioned in my blog post, each region contains different movies & shows sometimes exclusive movies not available in other regions (for example Japan has lots of J-drama not available anywhere else).

    1. Thanks for the confirmation! I just tested it, and it is, in fact, available in Malaysia now. But the selection is still very limited compared to the US. The US contains better shows and films (that I like), same with other regions like UK, Canada & Australia but maybe because Malaysia one is still new? So the content could grow over time but at the moment, it’s boring if you’re used to US but probably not for new users. Price-wise, iFlix is cheaper 🙂

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