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The World’s First Successful Penis Transplant

Say what? The world’s first successful penis transplant? Here’s the story. According to the announcement by Stellenbosch University, a team of South Africa surgeons from Stellenbosch University (SU) and Tygerberg Hospital has successfully performed a penis transplant on a male patient in…

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Harun Salim Bachik Dies At 55

PETALING JAYA: Actor Haron Amin Rashid Salim, or better known as Harun Salim Bachik, passed away on Sunday after collapsing in a restroom at Bukit Merah rest and service area in Perak.  He was 55. “Yes, it is…

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Sufiah Yusof (Shilpa Lee) Exclusive Nona TV3 Interview

Sufiah Yusof aka Shilpa Lee

I’m sure we’ve all heard about Sufiah Yusof (aka Shilpa Lee), who once made us Malaysians so proud for being a Maths genius and accepted into Oxford at the young age of 13. Then she once again made…

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Malaysia Airlines MH17 Shot Down And Crashed, Killing 295

This year has been nothing but a tragedy for Malaysia. Today, another devastating tragedy happened that shocked the entire nation and the world. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) was shot down and crashed in Ukraine near the Russian…

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Germany Is World Cup Champion!

Germany won!! Result is Germany 1, Argentina 0. They’re officially World Cup Champion 2014. I was rooting for them, after a disappointing game from Brazil in bother semi-final and placing fourth. So I’m really glad Germany finally scored…

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