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Sufiah Yusof (Shilpa Lee) Exclusive Nona TV3 Interview

Sufiah Yusof aka Shilpa Lee

I’m sure we’ve all heard about Sufiah Yusof (aka Shilpa Lee), who once made us Malaysians so proud for being a Maths genius and accepted into Oxford at the young age of 13. Then she once again made…

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How The Germans Kicked The Brazilian Asses in World Cup 2014

I don’t even know what happened. You see, I’ve been a huge Brazil supporter in World Cup. I’m not much of a soccer fan in daily life but I am when it comes to World Cup. I’ve been…

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[Video] Kids React To Walkmans

Bunch of spoiled brats. I blame the parents for not exposing them to older technology. If I was one of them, I would have been so fascinated about it, just like how I am still fascinated with the…

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Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 Presumed Lost #RIPMH370

This is not a cheerful first post. The news is devastating. My condolences to the families of passengers and crews of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which has been confirmed lost at southern Indian ocean. After 17 days of…

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