Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 Presumed Lost #RIPMH370

This is not a cheerful first post. The news is devastating.

My condolences to the families of passengers and crews of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which has been confirmed lost at southern Indian ocean. After 17 days of extensive search, agonizing wait, prayers and hope, this is a news that everyone didn’t want to hear. Of course, realistically speaking, 17 days of absolutely nothing – no contact or signals, you can only assume one thing. But everyone is hoping for a miracle. I am still holding on to that. A hope for miracle. I refuse to accept their assumptions until I see some solid, concrete proof.

But my thoughts and prayers are with the affected families.
I am mourning with the whole world.
If it indeed, lost at sea, then I hope God will their search to find whatever wreckage and most importantly, the black box.

Alfatihah and may the souls rest in peace.


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