[Video] Kids React To Walkmans

Bunch of spoiled brats.

I blame the parents for not exposing them to older technology. If I was one of them, I would have been so fascinated about it, just like how I am still fascinated with the evolution of technology starting from the 70s. Being a 90s kid, I was sort of exposed to walkman in mid 90s.. I remember I used to record audio from my favorite movies and listen to them because I was lame like that. I started using CD player in year 2001. Then my friend bought me an mp3 player (a 20GB Sony MP3 player!) in 2005 if I remember correctly. It was awesome.

But these kids… I don’t know. It actually pissed me off watching them. As if it’s too difficult.. I mean one kid had a very good point – current technology is not that simple anyway. You still have turn on the phone, click this and that, download app, then search for the songs, buy it or download it etc. Urgh bunch of spoiled kids.

I pity them actually… because of the current technology, they don’t have the imagination like we did back then. We actually went out and play. I miss that. I miss having good conversations with people. Nowadays, people would just play with their phone. It was just a couple of days ago when I was eating breakfast, and everyone was just focused on their phone the ENTIRE time. Not a single word spoken. People nowadays would be checking facebook, twitter, other apps, play game, watch stuff online, watch youtube etc.

It’s good when you’re bored and need something to do, like when you’re waiting for someone. That’s fine. But not when you’re with people and your attention is focused on your phone as if the other person don’t exist in front of you. I wish there’s a rule that when you’re dining or hanging out with friends, phone usage is limited to 5 minutes, just to check stuff or take a food photo. Oh yes, I’m a food blogger, so I blog about food. Taking photos of food is an absolute necessity.

It’s funny how those kids don’t even know how to operate a walkman. It’s not rocket science. But bashing the technology that lead you to your mp3 player and so on? Bitch, you’re lucky to be born in this era of technology. See if you could say shit if you were born back in the 1800 or before that, before TV was invented. Heck, before electricity and phone were invented!

Remember how troublesome it was to keep forwarding and rewinding if you want to skip a song? Or flipping the cassette side from A to B unless you have those that can switch sides automatically. Remember when you used to pull out the film, then had to manually roll it back in with your fingers? Then the film gets damaged and your audio is affected as well? Ahh good times.

I’d love to see them react to older music player like gramophone or something.


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