Website Is Done! Yay.

It’s officially done! Awesomesauce!

I think I’ve covered and set up all the important/essential things I need for this website. If I missed anything I can just add them later. Right now the site looks so empty because this is my second post. Hopefully I can blog more often now.

For my other personal site, I’m still blogging all personal things there but it was, and still is my personal diary. The purpose is for me to write whatever important thing that happens in my life for my future self to look back and remember when I decide to walk down the memory lane. However, I’ve been very stupid and wrote some really personal things and other things that attracted visitors and recently after reading back my old posts, I don’t feel comfortable anymore. I don’t want it to be in the spotlight anymore.

This new blog will be my new personal blog that’s not too personal.

Thank you <3


A full time blogger residing in Malaysia who loves food, movies, cupcakes, cats and have strong passion and interest in horror movies, ghost and anything paranormal.

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