How The Germans Kicked The Brazilian Asses in World Cup 2014

I don’t even know what happened.

You see, I’ve been a huge Brazil supporter in World Cup. I’m not much of a soccer fan in daily life but I am when it comes to World Cup. I’ve been a Brazil supporter for years, even when they’ve disappointed me at previous 2 world cups.

But nothing, I repeat, NOTHING can be said about this morning’s performance. NOTHING.

I have NEVER in my life seen such humiliation.

I missed their first match this WC due to sickness but the next match I saw, they didn’t score a thing. Their game was really sloppy to me. I thought except for Neymar Jr. and Silva, the rest didn’t know shit. Useless. Well, maybe Luiz and Oscar were okay.. but the rest.. bleh. So I was extremely disappointed in their performance but matches after that, they’ve improved, all thanks to Neymar and Silva.

But when Neymar was injured in the quarter final, and Silva is suspended, I said they’re doomed.

And they are.

I can’t believe within 30 minutes of the match, Germany scored 5. FIVE! What were Brazil thinking?! Where are the defense?! How could the Germans score fucking FIVE goals (as my friend pointed out, an average of 1 goal per 6 mins) and at the end they went to score 7 goals altogether while Brazil only scored 1? And that was lucky I think.. they would’ve been such an embarrassment if they didn’t score a thing.

I no longer have faith in Brazil. A team would still survive even without the key player.. or at least lose with dignity. They didn’t. I couldn’t even bear to watch the 2nd half. I’m also a Germany supporter and I knew they’re strong and tough but damnit, seeing Brazil play this morning was like seeing little kids play for the first time. I thought they had 50-50 chance without Neymar and Silva but I never thought how bad it would be. My God.

However, well done to Germany! Let’s see who will advance to final today in Argentina vs Netherlands – I’m rooting for Holland!

Germany vs Holland for world cup 2014 final would be awesome.

Shame on you Brazil. You disappointed my Neymar.


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  1. July 16, 2018

    […] I could still remember the time when Brazil was the champion in 2002. It was glorious. After the extremely humiliating performance in the last world cup 2014, I had high hope that with Neymar Jr (and with his oscar-worthy […]

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