Germany Is World Cup Champion!

Germany won!!
Result is Germany 1, Argentina 0.

They’re officially World Cup Champion 2014.

I was rooting for them, after a disappointing game from Brazil in bother semi-final and placing fourth. So I’m really glad Germany finally scored a goal during the extra time. It was an intense game as I didn’t think Germany could pass Argentina’s defense at all. They’re strong with the defense but damn weak at scoring goal because both teams missed a lot of open and good opportunities!

So that’s the end of football fever for me. Finally I can go back to doing what I do, and I don’t need to stay up all night anymore.

It’s still sad though, that after about a month, the world cup has ended. It’s been fun… I only watch world cup because it’s the only time when the whole world watches with you at the same time. Hopefully I’ll still have the chance to enjoy it again in 4 years.

Germany vs Argentina World Cup 2014


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  1. June 20, 2018

    […] World Cup in 2014, Germany was the unexpected champion and the team that I was rooting for, Brazil, had an unforgettable and humiliating match, ever. […]

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