Malaysia Airlines MH17 Shot Down And Crashed, Killing 295

This year has been nothing but a tragedy for Malaysia.
Today, another devastating tragedy happened that shocked the entire nation and the world.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) was shot down and crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border. 280 passengers were on board and 15 crews were on duty, and so far no survivor has been found. Looking at the crash site, having someone surviving that kind of crash would be an ultimate miracle. Earlier when the news just broke out, Twitter has been flooded with news and tweets and pictures. Some people posted pictures of the victims and my God, so devastating. I’m glad though, that there are no pictures now (have been deleted). Please respect the families. It is such a gruesome sight. Bodies everywhere, some are still intact while some… have severe trauma. Most of them are still strapped to their seat. I can’t help but wonder right now the situation before the tragedy. Did they have time to react after the plane was shot? Were they awake? Was there panic? Thinking about that makes me sad, especially knowing that a lot of kids were on that flight.

It has been almost 5 months since the disappearance of flight MH370 that is still missing to this day. Malaysia has been making the international headline a lot this year, and majority if not all for not-so-good reasons, mostly involving tragedies. The only thing about this tragedy is that it didn’t disappear so at least family isn’t left hanging and wondering what happened to their loved ones. When people have closure, they can prepare themselves, can mourn, and can give proper burial. And another thing is that they have to accept the bitter, devastating news about what happened to their loved ones, including the details, condition, crash site and all compared to MH370 family members who might still have hope that one day, the missing loved one will return.

What’s extremely sad is that, for Muslim victims, their family will have extra hard time because this is Ramadan and Eid celebration is just a week away. Certainly it’ll be very hard to welcome 1st of Syawal without someone you really love. I can’t imagine their pain right now. It’s the same feeling for victims of road accidents. I can never handle sudden death. My cat suddenly died last May and I was so depressed that I didn’t eat or drink for days so imagine losing a family member over an unexpected tragedy like this. But it’s all in God’s hand. He has everything planned, so who are we to question Him?

Malaysia Airlines MH17 Crashed

I don’t want to write much about it since investigation is still going on and you can find news online because everyone is reporting it. All I can say is, my deepest and heartfelt condolences to the affected families and I hope they will find strength to be strong during this time of tragedy. Al-fatihah to the Muslim victims and for others, may they rest in peace. The next few days are gonna be extra hard because more information will be released, and that’s when we find more and more information about the victims and families. As for Malaysians, I hope we will be united in this time of tragedy and extreme devastation. May God help us all.

And to the ones who shot down the plane, if it’s confirmed it was shot down, make them PAY for this unspeakable CRIME! This is mass murder!


This is an act of TERRORISM!

Here’s a picture of one of the crews, whose name is on the list of the crews on duty in that ill-fated flight.

Angeline Premila MH17

If she was confirmed as one of the victims, may she rest in peace. Not to sound like a lesbian, but I find her to be very pretty with a charming smile. It’s sad that she’s gone too soon, same goes to others. She’s also the same age as me. I also saw some passport pictures that they found in a video. Totally and completely heartbreaking.

I’ve been very busy lately, but I will try to blog if there are any news interesting enough to write about. I seriously need some sleep now before I go crazy. Before I end this, here’s something interesting about the plane:

MH 17
Type: Boeing 777
First flew: 17.7.1997
Last Flight: 17.7.2014
Flew for 17 years

And my lucky number is 7. 


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