RIP Robin Williams Dies 1951-2014

Robin Williams passed away 🙁
What a terrible and shocking news to wake up to this morning.

It’s totally unexpected. From what I’ve read, the initial report says that his death is a suspected suicide – asphyxia. He was battling severe depression recently. If that’s true, then it’s very sad. I’ve known him for his comedic side more than his serious side. I grew up watching Mrs. Doubtfire, Jack, Jumanji which are some of my all time fave movies.. and some others like Aladdin, Mork & Mindy, Hook, Flubber etc. I’ve also watched his standup comedy and appearances in shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway?… What a tragic end.

Mr. Williams, you’ll always be remembered as one of the most brilliant actors of all time. You played a big part in my childhood.

I haven’t read much about his depression, I wonder why he was severely depressed? It’s sad that people get depressed and not get treated for it. I understand the horror of severe depression since I was very young, it’s not something that could easily go away and be forgotten. It’s something serious and depression should never be taken lightly. I can’t stress enough how serious it is. I really hope depression and suicide are not the cause of death for Robin Williams. It’s kind of hard to accept the man who made us laugh was suffering inside.

Rest In Peace, Robin Williams.


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