Are Malaysians Racist?

Are Malaysians Racist? Yes & No.

There are some people who are racist, you can’t deny that. They are everywhere in the world. These are the lowest kind of people. But you can’t judge an entire race just because some of these uneducated buffoons don’t have anything else to do in their lives but to incite heated racial arguments. I have friends from different kind of races, and many do not belong to the stereotypes that people always talk about.

It’s sad, however, that some people are racist. I often get judged on, discriminated against by my own people/race, and yes, I’ve experienced a lot of racism also as I am sure you have experienced as well at some point of your life. There are also racists against non-Malaysians as well. There’s nothing much I can say about these scums, but know that, they are just the minority. They do not represent the entire race.

If we cut ourselves, do we not bleed the same color of blood?
We are 1Malaysia. Say no to racism.

HAPPY MALAYSIA DAY this upcoming September 16th (and happy belated Merdeka!)

The video is very well done, and I think that young bald guy is cute.
If you believe Malaysians are racist, please watch the video below.


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