Puspakom Ipoh – Roadtax Expired More Than a Year Special Inspection


This is an overdue post because I went to Puspakom a week before Hari Raya (which fell on July 28th this year), about a month ago but I’ve been so busy I didn’t get the chance to blog sooner!

THIS POST WILL BE LONG! I have so much to rant about.

Back in 2012, my new Myvi car which I bought in mid-2011 was in an accident. It took them a month to fix it but after that, I just didn’t feel the same anymore. I could say it was a traumatic experience for me so I barely drove it and used my other car. I let the road tax expire and never bothered to renew because what’s the point of renewing if you are not going to drive it?

I let it expire for 2 years. Yes, if you are wondering, for 2 years I paid the car monthly for nothing. It’s the limitd edition Pink Myvi. If I let that go, I wouldn’t be able to get it back. Yes, they have pink color now but boy, do I hate the interior design.

This year, before Hari Raya, I decided I want to renew it so I can use it. I miss it a lot, and I miss smaller car. I love my Kia Forte so much but I don’t think it’s suitable for small city. The fuel cost was killing me. I prepared myself to renew it. I changed the car’s battery to a new one, and sent it for inspection at perodua because it was sitting collecting dust for 2 years, right? Unfortunately, after that I found out something I wish I had known sooner.

I didn’t know that if you don’t renew your roadtax after a year, you need to send it to Puspakom for inspection before you could renew it. DAMN. So I was left with no choice but to find where the hell Puspakom Ipoh is located. I found out it used to be located somewhere in Kampung Paloh after googling desperately. However, there was only TWO, I repeat, only TWO informations that came up regarding their new location. They’ve moved to a new location in Menglembu in September 2013.

I’m not familiar with Menglembu so I had a very hard time trying to find the location in Google Maps and Waze. I asked people in my facebook but they pointed out to their old location. After hours of finding information, I finally found the exact location and address, thanks to FOURSQUARE! So to those few people who checked in at Puspakom Menglembu previously using Foursquare app, THANK YOU. And to someone in my facebook who mentioned it’s located near Nissan service center, THANK YOU.

It turned out to be near FALIM. Geez, it would’ve been easier if people could just state the obvious and more popular location name. So I called and made an appointment.

Puspakom Menglembu/Falim Ipoh

I had no problem getting there, but I had a major problem locating the exact location of the building. There were a lot of factories there. It’s actually at a corner and very hidden so if you are not familiar with the building and roads there, you will be lost like I did!

NOTE: I took a HUGE risk of driving there with expired road tax and insurance and driving license. You can go to JPJ to request for a special plate that lets you drive your car to only one given location for one day. This way, you can still drive it even with an expired road tax just in case you run into police or JPJ roadblock. I couldn’t go to JPJ office which is very far from my house and no other transportation (as my Forte also had expired road tax) so I had no choice but to take that risk.

Puspakom Menglembu/Falim Ipoh

By 9 am, there was already quite a long queue. You have to wait your turn. I’m not sure what’s the point of making an appointment at 9 am if I still have to queue and wait for my turn? It’s worse if you go in the afternoon or after lunch hour. The queue is longer – line and time.

Fortunately for me, when somebody came and asked me my intention, which is to do a special inspection due to expired road tax, they told me and another guy in front of me to go directly in from another gate (back gate). Thank God I don’t have to wait for other cars to finish with their inspection one by one.

I went in, parked the car, went to the office to register and then filled up my form. Luckily the other guy (who was in front of me) helped me and guided me through the next process.

Then I went outside and paid.

You are only required to bring one document – original vehicle’s registration card (geran kereta).
You need to ask for your original vehicle’s registration card from your bank.
Luckily for Ambank, it was easy. You just need to wait for an hour to pick it up.
In my Forte’s case, I tried asking for the registration card before to renew my road tax, but they wouldn’t give it to me because I had 2 or 3 months loan overdue at that time. I have no idea how it would be if it was my Forte that needed to be sent to Puspakom instead of my Myvi.

Then I paid RM25.

Then I just wait in the waiting area. I took a few pictures but one staff rudely told me to delete all the pics I took using my phone. Yes, RUDELY. Just came right up to me and said, “Delete the pictures you took with your phone now.” 

I wouldn’t be as offended had he told me nicely, as in like “Excuse me Miss, you aren’t allowed to take pictures here. Please delete the pictures now, okay?” and followed by a smile. Or in Malay, “Maaf Cik, tak boleh ambil gambar sini. Tolong padam gambar-gambar yang Cik baru ambil ya?” COURTESY damnit. Where’s your common courtesy?

Well I didn’t delete it, there was no sign stating I couldn’t take pictures for myself so screw you. I’m not posting it here however, as I don’t want my blog to get in trouble.

I waited for about 20-30 minutes before the result is out. I was confident I would pass it because I didn’t modify it, and using tinted film according to the JPJ requirement.

Puspakom Menglembu/Falim Ipoh


What. The. Hell??

ONE, I repeat ONE window didn’t meet the requirement? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??

First of all, I bought the car with free tinted windows given. It’s nowhere near dark. It’s just slightly dark so it should be fine but how could ONE window not meet the requirement when others are fine??

Nobody could answer me. The staff said the machine detected it that way and a lot of new cars, straight out of factory fail the inspection due to tinted windows. A lot of people have the same problems. That’s ridiculous. ONE WINDOW. He suggested I should take the car back and ask the car dealer that sold me the car why that ONE window did not meet the requirement. Or I could take the car back to tint shop and take the film out. So I had no choice but to go back and see the dealer.

He was confused as hell.

But he decided to help me, and called the guy from the tint shop to help me take out the films.

Puspakom Menglembu/Falim Ipoh

I was very sad. As you can see from the picture above, look at the tinted windows. How dark are they?

NOT EVEN DARK. My Forte’s tinted windows are darker!

It broke my heart to see the guy ripped out the films. It didn’t take long though, just about 20 minutes. Then I went back home with one side having darker windows, and the other side completely transparent without any tint. I straight away made a new appointment at Puspakom.

The second trip was the same. But apart from the registration card, you now need to bring the previous Puspakom result. Same overall process. It also cost the same – RM25. So that would be RM50 gone total. I wished so hard it would not fail again. When my name was called, the staff said my inspection FAILED. My heart almost stopped. No, I swear it stopped for a second. I couldn’t believe it so after checking, turned out he looked at my previous result, not the new one. Phew.

I rushed back home because it was fasting month, so I was about to faint already from all the heat and dehydration.
But I still had problem renewing my insurance at Etiqa because they need photos or my car present before I could renew. SERIOUSLY ETIQA? I just sent the car for inspection at Puspakom, I PASSED it, the result is right in front of your eyes and I STILL need prove my car is in good condition? Are you fucking kidding me?

ETIQA is the worst. Trust me.

Went back to my dealer, he agreed to help me (hiring a runner) and thank God I received my road tax and insurance in the evening. THANK GOD. Switched to Uni Asia now. Pfft, they didn’t even need photos or my car present. Screw you ETIQA. You’ve lost a customer.

Puspakom Menglembu/Falim Ipoh

On Saturday, 2 days before Hari Raya, I went to the tint shop again to ask about my windows. I had so much things to do, so little time and I was upset to hear they don’t open on Sunday and would only open on Wednesday.. which would be 3rd day of Raya. I just could NOT have a messed up half-tinted and half-non tinted windows when I go back to my ‘kampung’ for Raya right? He then told me I could do it on Sunday.

So he opened the shop specifically for me on Sunday. Thank you so very much T_T
However, the tint is just slightly darker than my original tint which is noticeable if you look closely.
A constant reminder of how Puspakom was being such a pain in the ass about tinted windows.

Never let your road tax expire for more than a year. You will have a hell of a time at Puspakom.


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    seriously good info bro , thank you very much

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    my car roadtax and insurance almost 2 years already. i don’t know what to do, thanks for you post

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