2014 Is Ending Soon…

Wow, the last time I posted a blog post, it was the beginning of September. That was AGES ago!

Thing is, I’ve been very busy and been having so many personal problems and when I do, I tend to neglect my blogs. I used to blog about everything, vent my frustrations in my blog but it blew up in my face before. So now I keep most stuff private.

The year is ending soon and I have to say, this year has been the worst for me and Malaysia. This week I lost my beloved cat Puteh. I’m still not over it, and still very depressed. The weather has been crazy and gloomy. My cats are looking lethargic and cold. Then dozens of other problems. I didn’t even celebrate Christmas like I always do.

As for Malaysia, it’s been a very tragic year. With the disappearance of MH370 plane, then MH17 shot down, a few other things but right now, massive flood in the east coast area, especially Kelantan. I can’t imagine what people there are going through right now. Sure, I’m currently devastated about my cat, but it’s nothing compared to what people in Kelantan are going through. Feeling cold, food is limited, losing properties, documents etc. and worst, losing family members.

And as of yesterday, it has been a decade since Tsunami struck Acheh and a few other places that shocked the world. Wow, 10 years already?

My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the current massive flood. I hope the water will subside as soon as possible. It sucks that I’m unable to be there to help them.

2014 has been a very shitty year. I’m glad it’s gonna be over. And every year, I’d usually wish for the next year to be good. I give up on hoping. It always turn out shit anyway.

But to those who did have a wonderful, happy new year.


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