Diana Danielle’s Sexy Photo in Esquire


So, apparently, one of today’s hot topics in Malaysia’s entertainment world has been the sexy photo of Diana Danielle in Esquire Malaysia magazine wearing lingerie with her body wrapped in American flag. There are also a few other sexy photos from her.

I always believe that a person’s choice of their life is their own. I bet you wouldn’t like people telling you how to live  your life. But, being a celebrity, you can’t escape having all your actions scrutinized and judged by your fans. I actually don’t mind her posing that way IF, there’s an IF, she’s not married yet.

Diana Danielle is still very young and no doubt, very gorgeous. Obviously, when you’re young, you take whatever chance you get for exposure (as in career, not body), especially when you’re a celebrity. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a mother and a wife to be posing half-naked in a magazine for the world to see. If I was her husband, I don’t think I can live with the fact that there are going to be horny men ogling Diana Danielle’s body and probably doing the nasty.

Urgh. Gross.

But that’s just my opinion. Here’s the picture of the sexy Diana Danielle. ‘Enjoy‘.

Diana Danielle Sexy Photo in Esquire / Gambar Seksi Diana Danielle


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