Mayday Air Crash Investigation S14E11 – Malaysia Airlines MH370: What Happened to MH370?

Have you seen the special documentary by National Geographic channel on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 a year ago? Unfortunately, it’s been reported that the documentary will not be shown in Malaysia but only in UK.

I’m not going to post the video to the documentary here since it could be deleted shortly, so you can try finding it on youtube or something.

I saw the documentary and well, since the plane has yet to be found, the whole documentary is about discussing and analyzing theories of what might have happened to Malaysia Airlines MH370. For example, the possibility of the flight being hijacked. I can’t believe two people illegally boarded the plane with stolen passports, which kind of supports the theory of hijacking but they ruled that out. There’s even a theory that the plane was deliberately flown towards Antarctica.

The most ridiculous theory has got to be the suicidal pilot theory who might have intentionally diverted the plane off its course so he could kill everyone on board then commits suicide by crashing the plane. This has happened before with another airline as the pilot had a huge debt but they couldn’t find a motive for Captain Zahari to consider doing the same. Of course, without substantial evidence, I will disregard this theory.

However, there’s one detail that got me so annoyed.

Malaysia Airlines MH370

This is a screencap from the documentary, from the re-enactment scene. Notice the stewardess? Now my question is, why in the hell is the stewardess in the re-enactment scene wearing green kebaya that looks a lot like the kebaya from Singapore Airlines? Seriously?

I find that insulting.

The uniform represents an airline. When you see a cabin crew wearing a uniform, you can instantly know which airline they represent. Why would they put SIA uniform in a documentary about MAS? The moment I saw the stewardess, I was like WTF? I’m one of those people who take so much pride in our national airlines uniform. I love both uniforms from both airlines, but I hate seeing how they make this stupid mistake by switching them. Don’t they know the differences between MAS and SIA kebaya?

Well, let me show you then.

SIA cabin crew uniform

This is what Singapore Airlines kebaya looks like. You can tell how much the kebaya from the re-enactment scene resembles the SIA kebaya. If you’re as passionate about airlines as I am, you can instantly tell that oh, these are the cabin crews from SIA.

Here’s how MAS kebaya looks.

MAS uniform

Can you see how different it is from the documentary? What differentiates the kebaya?

The neckline.

The one in the documentary and SIA kebaya have rounded/scoop neckline, but MAS kebaya has sharp, plunging neckline. It’s completely different! So, really, even though I’m a huge fan of Air Crash Investigation, I just can’t accept this mistake. You shouldn’t misrepresent something as important as this. How could ACI crews make this mistake is beyond me. Somebody said to me it’s legality issues. They can make a whole documentary about MAS, use their logo, but use SIA uniform? Unacceptable.

It’s like making a documentary about Emirates but the cabin crews wear Etihad uniform instead when you know that Emirates’ signature uniform color is beige and Etihad is black.

A documentary is not a made-up fiction story. It’s supposed to contain true facts, not misleading facts. Even though the episode is more on analyzation of theories of something that’s lost and have yet to be found, it’s not an excuse to screw up little details like this. No wonder they’re not showing this in Malaysia.

In less than a week marks the anniversary of Malaysia Airlines MH370. May their souls rest in peace. I am still hoping and praying that one day, we will have the answer as to what really happened and the plane will be found. We all need closure, especially the family members of the unfortunate souls on that ill-fated flight.

RIP Malaysia Airlines MH370.


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