Taylor Swift’s Cat Owe Her $40 Million Dollars?!

Taylor Swift

I’m not a huge fan of Taylor Swift but a couple of days ago I saw some news with a rumor that Taylor Swift are looking are the possibility of insuring her legs from injuries then finding out Taylor Swift’s legs are worth $40 million dollars… whoa!

Of course, they denied the rumor.

But then yesterday tweeted and posted a picture that her cat scratched her perfect scarless leg so according to the rumor, now the cat, named Meredith, owes her $40 million dollars!


Haha, it’s obviously a joke, but it’s a very good one to respond to the silly rumor that her legs are insured for $40 million dollars. I do think she has a nice pair of long legs that would make all women jealous. Who wouldn’t want a long, slender legs like hers, right? Anyway, here’s the picture of the perpetrator who now owes Taylor Swift $40 million dollars –

Taylor Swift Cat Meredith

Aww, how could anyone be mad at THAT? ^_^

Taylor Swift can be very hilarious sometimes.



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