The World’s First Successful Penis Transplant

Say what? The world’s first successful penis transplant?

Here’s the story. According to the announcement by Stellenbosch University, a team of South Africa surgeons from Stellenbosch University (SU) and Tygerberg Hospital has successfully performed a penis transplant on a male patient in a marathon 9-hour operation. The patient lost his penis after he developed a severe complication after a botched traditional circumcision when he was 18 where it had to be amputated. This is the second time this type of procedure was attempted, but the first time in history that a successful long-term result was achieved.

According to The Guardian newspaper,

“We repaired a small hole in his urethra, the pee pipe, last week so we could remove his catheter and just that induced an erection on the operating table. We were so surprised at that erection that he certainly is getting very good results for his transplant.”

Van der Merwe described the groundbreaking operation as “very, very difficult”. He told eNCA: “What we did was to manage the small blood vessels in the penis, which are really only a little bit more than a millimetre wide, to existing blood vessels in the abdomen that has come down, and we could connect that up.

“So many things could have gone wrong. Actually one of the blood vessels did clot up for a few hours. We could relieve the clot, thankfully.”

Immediately after the operation there was an “oozing” that led to bleeding, he continued. “We were dealing with infection and clot formation and bleeding. That was the most difficult thing initially.”

But the patient is “a very fit young man” and making “a good recovery”.

They also said,

Every year thousands of teenage boys from the Xhosa tribe in South Africa embark on a secretive rite of passage in Eastern Cape province, spending up to a month in seclusion where they study, undergo circumcision by a traditional surgeon, and apply white clay to their bodies.

It is estimated that as many as 250 would get their penis amputated each year due to botched circumcision.

My question is, how does one urinate after his thing has been amputated?

In 2006, a Chinese man had a penis transplant but his doctors removed the organ after two weeks due to “a severe psychological problem of the recipient and his wife”.

Kudos to this guy who could accept the donated penis as his own and making speedy recovery where it can be in full use, and also his girlfriend who apparently has no psychological problem from it. If I was in that guy’s position, I’d be like the Chinese man. I can accept other organ transplant such as heart, or kidney or eye but another man’s penis transplant? Umm…

… no comment.


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