Uber Ipoh Event @ The Deck Gastrobar, WEIL Hotel Ipoh + RM20 Free Uber Ride

Oh, gosh, it’s March already? I haven’t posted anything on this blog for a whole month. I’ve been sick for two weeks and then busy with other stuff as well. I also had a birthday trip to KL which ended up being horrible but talk about that another time.

If you haven’t read, last month I wrote about Uber Ipoh that was available for the entire month of February. I was invited to their launch party earlier last month that’s supposed to be posted right after but unfortunately, I got sick. I read that they’ve decided to extend their stay in Ipoh! How awesome! I have yet to try Uber Ipoh but I will soon hopefully. I wanted to a few times before but there weren’t any cars available at that time.

But I did try my first Uber ride in KL! I’ll write about that later.

Oh and there’s also a special Uber promo code at the end of this blog đŸ˜‰

Uber Ipoh Event The Deck Gastrobar WEIL Hotel Ipoh

The Uber Ipoh event was held early March at The Deck Gastrobar located at the rooftop of WEIL hotel Ipoh (the hotel next to Ipoh Parade Mall). It was my first time at the bar. I arrived slightly early and they were still setting up. There was nobody there that I could recognize so I just stood like with a stupid look on my face haha

Since it’s a bar and I don’t drink so I didn’t know what else to do. They don’t serve mocktails, just a small selection of juice.

Uber Ipoh Event The Deck Gastrobar WEIL Hotel Ipoh

So I waited and waited and wanted to join other groups of most probably journalists who were busy chatting but suddenly I felt scared, wtf. It wasn’t until a while I saw a recognizable face, so finally I felt comfortable enough to sit and talk about Uber Ipoh a bit more.

Then more recognizable faces appeared so I stopped feeling awkward. They started serving finger foods like chicken wings, which was sooooooo good! That’s all I cared about. The chicken wings. So I just sat there and chatted with some Uber people, with some media friends. Unfortunately they had to leave early. I wanted to leave too but wanted more chicken wings so I stayed for a little while haha. No kidding man, the chicken wings were damn good.

The place was dark so I couldn’t take many pictures, even with flash. I need a better camera.

After a while, it was raining heavily, so I was stuck but that turned out to be a good thing because I got to chat with Aaron Larsson, the marketing associate of Uber Malaysia and also the person who invited me to the event (thank you!) I also met & chatted with a few other interesting people.

He explained to me the concept of Uber and did a demo of the Uber app. I can’t believe how cheap Uber is. I’ve asked a taxi driver before how much would it cost to take a taxi from the train station to my house (about 7 minutes by car). Then he showed me how to check the estimated rate for my Uber ride. Basically, the difference is:

Taxi (according to the driver) = RM12
Uber (according to the app’s estimate) = RM3-RM5

See how big the difference is and how cheap Uber is?

So, Uber needs to stay permanently in Ipoh and add more drivers so I don’t have to keep using my car. Sometimes you really need Uber especially when there’s a sale at the mall and you can’t find parking space đŸ™‚

Uber Ipoh Event The Deck Gastrobar WEIL Hotel Ipoh

Uber Malaysia Team

I apologize for the super crappy picture. As mentioned, the place was dark and since I was only taking pictures with my phone, the flash didn’t turn out so good. It was hard to take pictures also because some photographers can be such assholes. Some were rudely pushing me out of the way or blocking me as I was taking a picture. By the time they moved, everybody else moved too.

Just because you’re a photographer with a big, expensive camera doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be an ass to other people. You have your job and I have mine. Do yours and let me do mine. This wasn’t the first time I’d encountered photographers exhibiting asshole behavior.

Uber Ipoh Event The Deck Gastrobar WEIL Hotel Ipoh

I heard Uber Ipoh is extending their stay in Ipoh until March 9th or something. Awesome! I’m so using Uber tomorrow.


I have a special gift for my readers as well. If you’re a Uber user, I’m giving you a free ride worth RM20 đŸ˜€ Just key in the promo code below:


Enjoy your free ride!

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