Happy New Year 2017! Reminiscing 2016.

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!
Okay, it’s like the end of January already. Oops. Meant to post this sooner but I’ve just been super busy. Oh, also, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

There is also a long gap between the last post because I’ve been on hiatus for like half a year? No, more than that I think. My laptop has been sluggish and last month (December) I finally had my old iMac fixed so now I can blog again.

There are some good and bad events that happened in my life. Some are worth remembering,like the new electric scooter that I rode around all of town. It was super fun, you guys should see their awesome material. There are some I need to remember and some I don’t even want to remember. I will mention some negative ones that I need to remember that are crucial information in my life, but I will leave out some that are too upsetting like the death of my cats.

Why am I doing this? I used to blog a lot when I was a teen and in college, documenting everything that happened in my life. Years later I’d look back and be all like “Wow, that happened?? Oh, I remember that!” and I like that. I like remembering the good things that happened so my head is not always filled with negative things in my life that I seem to remember more than the good things. You tend to forget about almost everything as you grow older.

Things seem to just fly by so fast in my life.

Also, 2016 claimed a lot of celebrities.

Since I have to look back a whole year’s worth of photos and facebook entries, this is the most time-consuming blog post ever. I guess it’s okay since it’s only a once a year post that I’d put so much attention and effort to write. I have been on hiatus for a long time last year, not updating on events and my life like I wanted to so I hope this makes up for it.

Be prepared, this is going to be LONG.

So here it goes.




  • My first attempt at making Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun (noodle in shrimp soup) was a success.
  • Netflix is finally available in Malaysia
  • David Bowie died of cancer
  • Alan Rickman aka Professor Snape died (NOOOO!!!)
  • Joined Sharpened Word team
  • 4th Sharpened Word with Chuah Guat Eng, Malachi E. Vethamani, and Arthur Foo.

  • New Billion Mart opened in Ipoh
  • Severe wisdom tooth pain! (Yes, I need to remember this!)
  • Ipoh Kreative! Attended the keynote talk by Dubook Press and Riduan A. Dullah. Where I met Fynn Jamal again, Riduan A. Dullah and discovered the amazing spoken poet, Melizarani at Parti Puisi in Sepaloh Art Gallery. Saw Junad M. Nor at her interview. I also watched amazing short films at the Berlinale Short Films screening held at Khizanat.

  • WingZone finally opened! (And I managed to get the Buy 1 Free 1 promo)




  • Beginning of the flu season. My cats got sick and did myself and my mom. I was sick for quite a long time that I had to do a blood test at the clinic. Luckily it wasn’t dengue fever.

  • Went to an Uber party at The Deck, WEIL Hotel. Became the Ipoh Uber ambassador (not sure what happened to that, haha)

  • iflix is free for 1 year for Unifi subscribers!
  • Juice Works finally opened in AEON Klebang
  • My food blog SINFULLY DELICIOUS was nominated for Malaysia Social Media Week 2016 Award which I didn’t know about until the last minute. I did not win but it was great to be nominated!
  • Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, died.
  • I was one of the panel speakers at the 5th Sharpened Word along with Alexandra Wong, Ted Mahsun and Chua Kok Yee. Got to hang out with Ted Mahsun afterward at Las Vegas restaurant.

  • Went to KL to celebrate my birthday for 2 days. WORST BIRTHDAY EVER. Met with my friend for a karaoke session at Red Box The Gardens only to be insulted by a staff there for no reason. As a result, I got a free membership with free session because it was my birthday and upgraded to VIP room. My food was cold, I lost my appetite and my mood to sing. Oh well.

  • Got invited to Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine’s media and bloggers preview session at Sunway Putra Mall KL.
  • Tried Uber for the first time
  • Got invited to Green Tomato Café for breakfast the next day and experienced a batik coloring workshop there.
  • Rushed to Publika to review Fahrenheit 600 and Okonomi. Best foods ever. Almost missed my train back to Ipoh. Was upset about something that happened that I cried all the way back in the train. I was so fricken full. Unfortunately, I also got food poisoning after but I won’t mention why.
  • I was one of the featured food bloggers in a Vulcan Post’s article.




  • Made ‘Kuih Keria’ for the first time and it was a success
  • Received my first Nuffnang cheque since I joined them back in 2007
  • Went for ‘Lelaki Harapan Dunia’ screening at Yasmin Ahmad Museum in Kong Heng Square. Datin Orked (Yasmin’s sister) made the best lempeng (pancake) and sambal ikan bilis telur.

  • Was invited to review new small plates menu @ The Deck, WEIL Hotel Ipoh
  • Banana Punk Rawk Trails by Marco Ferrarese book launch
  • #rabakslang at Khizanat
  • 6th Sharpened Word with Bernice Chauly, Dr. Teoh, Dr. Nirmala, and Angie Lee
  • Fairview International School Ipoh carnival
  • Sapphire boutique grand opening, where my car was broken into for the 1st time because my uncle forgot to lock the door. They stole some stuff and coins.




  • Mr. Os died.
  • 2 of my short cyberpunk stories were accepted for publication in ‘Daun Paku Ungu’ anthology published by JS Adiwarna. Finally!
  • I won RM500 worth of LINE merchandise

  • 7th Sharpened Word with Pauline Sidhu, Gareth Wright, Luke Teoh, Angela Yap, and Richie Ramesh
  • Ipoh picnic day
  • Daun Paku Ungu’ writers were interviewed for an article by penasaifai.com
  • Actress Doris Roberts died.
  • WWE legend Chyna died.
  • Singer Prince died.
  • #BAYSPLUS2016! Mom was sick at this time so it was hell going back and forth to Heritage Hotel but I got to meet Wani Ardy and saw Mamat Khalid in person

  • Got invited to the Ho Yan Hor Museum launch




  • Got a new phone! – Samsung S7 Edge along with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LED View Cover. DO NOT buy that cover! It’s the crappiest cover that breaks every 1-2 months yet so expensive!

  • Went to KL for my first meet-and-greet/book signing at KL International Book Fair @ MAEPS, Serdang with some ‘Daun Paku Ungu’ writers
  • I also met with Lepat @ Ismail Ariffin

  • Experience one of the worst lightning storm and the whole MAEPS halls area got flooded. Worst place ever for an international book fair.
  • Got invited to Hotel Royal KL for the media press conference to promote the Ramadan Buffet. Saw Kelly Azman, Ani Mayuni and Ifa Raziah

  • Almost got into a car crash while exiting Ikea. Damn KL drivers!
  • Lightning struck my modem. I haven’t had lightning striking anything for years!
  • Got invited to Impiana Hotel’s Ramadan buffet preview for the media and met someone I used to know
  • My cat BamBam got sick and had to go to the vet. The ATM ate all my money. A kind soul on facebook helped me borrow some money so I could pay the vet. This was the beginning of a month long of problems
  • BamBam developed jaundice and was in critical condition. Everybody said no hope, even the vet.
  • 8th Sharpened Word with Chef Carol Selvarajah and Angela Yap
  • Took BamBam to a different vet and miraculously he showed positive signs of recovery. This started my month’s long daily trip to the vet for his daily subcutaneous fluids. Also, started his fundraiser and quite a number of kind souls donated to help with the vet cost.
  • Finally got my infected wisdom tooth removed! Recovery was smooth and went well.




  • Got invited for Ramadan buffet preview at WEIL Hotel Ipoh
  • Got my stitches out from the wisdom tooth surgery

  • Still taking BamBam to the vet every day
  • Muhammad Ali died
  • Ramadan started
  • Was invited for iftar with Sharpened Word team
  • Orlando gay night club massacre 🙁
  • Helped recorded an interview with Marco Ferrarese for Sharpened Word
  • 9th Sharpened Word with Marco Ferrarese, Melizarani, Fa Abdul & Hanim
  • Anton Yelchin died
  • Had another meeting with Sharpened Word team




  • Bought new TV
  • Some shit thing happened, which created a chain effect of other shit things for the next few months
  • Hari Raya/Eid Mubarak!

  • 9th Sharpened Word with Melissa Chan & Dr. Lee Su Kim
  • Did teeth cleaning. It was SO PAINFUL.
  • My Samsung LED View Cover died for the 1st time
  • Drove to KLIA to send off cousin back to Riyadh

  • Got my LED Cover replaced




  • Got sick, got food poisoning
  • Started my youtube channel focusing on mukbang
  • Pokemon Go is finally available in Malaysia
  • Joined Pokemon Go Ipoh Mass Walk, my face was even on the front page of the newspaper covering the event!

  • Joined a 3D Animation workshop (preview) at P.O.R.T
  • Datuk Lee Chong Wei defeated Lin Dan in the semi-final of Rio Olympics
  • 10th Sharpened Word with Pak Hassan Muthalib
  • Officially elected as Perak representative for Malaysian Writers Society
  • The beginning of a drama at this THING I volunteered. I don’t wanna talk much about this. It still hurts.
  • Vivo Square is finally opened
  • Merdeka!




  • Zumba class preview at Vivo Square

  • Got cat wounds on my hand which I went to the hospital for at 1 am lol
  • Still having an issue with the volunteer work drama
  • The opening of AEON in AEON Big Falim
  • 11th Sharpened Word with Tutu Dutta and Daphne Lee
  • Buka pintu (poetry session) at Rumah Khizanat

  • Ustaz Mohd Fadzil Al Yamani died
  • The joyful moment when Azizan Osman’s (the motivator) PhD scam is exposed




  • Sent my iMac to be repaired
  • BamBam went missing for 15 hours, found him in the drain, all terrified and shaken and slightly injured at 7.40 am
  • While searching for BamBam, rescued 2 kittens
  • Tam could not urinate. Complete blockage. Went to the vet and did bladder flushing
  • Sharpened Word’s 1st anniversary with Wani Ardy, Catherine Brogan and Selina Siak
  • Sharpened Word’s Copyright workshop by Tina Isaacs in collaboration with #MyWritersFest2016
  • Samsung LED View Cover died again for the 2nd time
  • #UberStarbucks – after an hour of trying, finally got 2 tall frappes for RM10, entered their contest and my cat Chor helped me win RM200 uber credits!

  • Got invited to Tiffin’s seafood dinner buffet preview
  • Got invited to the Halloween flash mob & food preview at The Deck, WEIL Hotel
  • McDonald’s National Breakfast Day – 1000 free chicken muffin!
  • Replaced my Samsung LED View Cover

  • Got my iMac back!

  • Won Vivo Pizza’s RM1 Caramelting POP
  • Deepavali
  • iMac died again after a week 🙁
  • Halloween!




  • Got invited to review High Tea set at Tea Lounge, WEIL Hotel
  • Ipoh Food Fest 2016 started
  • 12th Sharpened Word with Sharon Bakar, Ashikin M, Wan Noraisah, Aaron Chelliah, Sukhbir & Ista Kyra of Essentrika but missed it due to food poisoning
  • Zara Nutley aka Miss Courtney died
  • Neutered my cat BamBam
  • Thai Food Fair @ IT Mall Tasek
  • My friend Claudia came to visit for a couple of hours

  • Ipoh Chinese Halal Food Festival
  • #BongkarOldtown event at Kong Heng Square by KakiSeni. Bumped into Yuen!

  • Big Food Festival @ Angsana Mall
  • Took Jojo to the vet
  • Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony @ WEIL Hotel and Thanksgiving dinner buffet at Tiffin
  • Got invited to review Pak Nil’s BBQ & Grill at Pengkalan
  • Farewell gathering at McDonald’s Ipoh City
  • Lazada’s online revolution sale! Bought 2 new portable external HDD (2TB and 1.5 TB), Air purifier by PerfectAire and a few other stuff

  • Prosperity burger is back!
  • Got some weird stomach virus – couldn’t eat anything for a week.




  • Got my iMac back after a month

  • Harith Iskander won Funniest Person in the World competition
  • Big Bad Wolf started
  • Soft launch of Artisan Handmade Bread 1st outlet
  • Had a minor accident – somebody bumped the back of my car
  • Field of Lights at Bandar Baru Sri Klebang. Awesome Christmas lights/deco!
  • Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo
  • Thai Food Fair in front of AEON Kinta City
  • Bought a wifi IP cam
  • Carrie Fisher died
  • Debbie Reynolds died
  • Took my cats Botak, Gebu & Baby Cekeding for free checkup (Royal Canin’s mycat2vet campaign)
  • SM Salim died
  • Bus crash at Johor
  • Family murder at Pulomas, Indonesia with 6 dead that I’ve been obsessing about.
  • Irdina Aishah’s 1st birthday

  • Casuarina@Meru invited me for a NYE food hunting buffet dinner
  • Watched fireworks at Bulatan Mega Amanjaya Meru to say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017
  • Watched May (rock group) concert
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!


Phew. What a long post!

So, those are the things that happened in my life in 2016. I left out some stuff that is too depressing for me to remember. It’s such a long post, I know. And I also know nobody will care about this but it’s important for me to remember so what the hell.

I don’t have a new year’s resolution for once because I had the same one for years and they never came true.

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017.

PS: It’s only the beginning of the year and my life has been shittier than ever. Sigh.



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