New Year’s Fireworks @ Bulatan Amanjaya Ipoh

I know it’s almost the end of the month already, and today is Chinese New Year (Gong Xi Fa Chai!) but bear with me. I’m trying to post some recent events in this blog with hopes of reviving it. I’ve been neglecting this blog for a long time since my laptop became sluggish.

During the New Year’s eve, I was invited to review a buffet dinner at Casuarina@Meru hotel and then was told they’d be a fireworks display. It was all unplanned because I had no plan to celebrate. The last night of 2015 I slept early and I planned to do the same for the last night of 2016. Somehow I changed my mind and went anyway.

At about 11.45 pm, everyone from Casuarina@Meru hotel went out and waited in front for the countdown. I was surprised that the roundabout (named ‘Bulatan Amanjaya‘) was crowded with people. There had been some performances since 8 pm as I was told that included Anie Mayuni. I saw her in the restaurant while she was waiting for the elevator to go up to her room, probably after her performance. I’m not familiar with other performers.

When the clock was about to strike 12 am, everybody did the countdown and anticipated the beautiful fireworks that would light up the sky with its beautiful colors. The weather was nice that night and cool after a slight drizzle earlier.

It didn’t happen. No fireworks.

We actually saw some small fireworks from afar, probably at some location far away but right in front of us? Just a field full of confused people. Minutes had gone by but there was still nothing. No fireworks whatsoever. I really thought either it has been canceled because something went wrong or there was never a display planned in the first place. It was almost 3 or 4 minutes after midnight that suddenly the host at the stage started counting down again.

For us who were waiting in front of the hotel actually did the countdown twice. Haha. Epic fail.—

Then we saw the fireworks… 5 minutes after midnight.

It was not bad at all. It was actually beautiful. But the fact that the fireworks display only started a few minutes after midnight, and the countdown was absolutely pointless, it killed the mood a little bit. But the display was pretty and longer than expected. I’ve seen a few so-called ‘fireworks display‘ in the past and they were pathetic so I’m glad this one wasn’t disappointing despite starting late. It went on for about 5 minutes or so.

After that, the crowd dispersed to go back home but half stayed for the next performance by the legendary Malaysian rock group ‘May‘. I will write about that in my next post.

If you would like to watch the video of the fireworks display, check out my video below!

I’ve also started a new Youtube channel where I’ll be uploading some random videos of events and stuff. Please subscribe to TotallyAwesomeTV!


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