New Year’s Mini Concert by Malaysian Rock Group MAY @ Bulatan Amanjaya Meru Ipoh

In my last post where I wrote about the New Year’s Fireworks at Bulatan Amanjaya Ipoh, I mentioned that after the countdown and the fireworks display, there was a mini concert. I didn’t plan to stay for it because, to be honest, I wasn’t interested. I had no idea who was about to perform. I wanted to go home but decided I’d walk around to check out the roadside stalls to see if I could buy any snack. Unfortunately, they were all packing to go home.

Then I decided to check out the park, or ‘Bulatan Amanjaya Meru‘ because I’ve never been there before. Took some pictures, some videos. As I got closer to the stage, where a huge crowd was enjoying the rock group, I thought I’d record the mini concert. Turned out it was one of Malaysia’s legendary rock group originally from Ipoh, ‘MAY’. They’ve been around since I was a tiny toddler!

I stayed around to record some videos but I ended up staying until the end! Haha. I remembered a couple of the songs they played. I ended up enjoying the mini rock concert and if I wasn’t holding my phone recording the whole thing, I would be dancing and all.

The stage was quite far from where I was standing so I didn’t get a clear view of the band except when I zoomed in with my camera.

Later that night I realized when I was leaving the hotel to go see the fireworks display earlier that night, I was actually walking behind then passed Mus (the lead singer). Should have said hi. Hmm… nah, that’d be awkward.

Some of the songs they performed include their hits like ‘Gadis Bertudung Putih‘ and ‘Cintamu Mekar di Hati‘. Those songs brought back old memories somehow as I used to hear them a lot when I was younger. At the end, when they performed ‘Kau Ingat Kau Siapa‘, I was rocking so hard I was lucky I didn’t drop my phone, wtf.

It ended up being an awesome concert to start the new year. The concert ended at about 1.30 am. I’m glad I stayed.

If you’d like to see a preview of the mini concert, I’ve edited a combination of clips from that night into one video. Click the video below to see. I apologize for the shakiness and blurriness.

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