A Night at Regalodge Hotel Ipoh

Last month, we had a problem with our electricity. It was already evening and we couldn’t deal with it as all offices were already closed. The weather has been ridiculously hot lately, especially after my neighbor cut down all their trees that used to provide cool shade for my house. Not wanting to get heat stroke, I decided that it’s best if we spend a night at a nearby hotel.

I decided on Regalodge Hotel Ipoh.

Regalodge Hotel Ipoh Review

Regalodge Hotel is nearby to my place, about 5 minutes of driving. The hotel is situated between Greentown Clinic and Tower Regency Hotel. I’ve stayed at Regalodge Hotel a couple of times years ago so I’m already familiar with the hotel.

Regalodge Hotel Ipoh Review

Parking space is limited at the hotel but you could park in the surrounding area and not have to worry about getting a parking ticket. I was told there would be a security guard at night as well. I parked just beside the main entrance and the next morning as I was about to leave, there was a note saying my car’s windscreen has been cleaned.


Regalodge Hotel Ipoh Review

The hotel is also known for its fine dining restaurant called ‘The Limestone’s Restaurant‘. I’ve never tried that restaurant, though, so I can’t comment on the food. My stay was also quite short so I didn’t have time to dine it.

I chose a standard room with twin beds. The room cost about RM140-ish but since my mom is a government pensioner, they gave a discount to RM123. Not bad. I think you could get the same price if you book via their website. Checking in was easy and quick.

Regalodge Hotel Ipoh Review

The room provided a safe should you need to use it and also a fridge which is hidden in the cupboard.

In the fridge, there were two cans of drinks and a packet of murukku, all complimentary. Yay. Electric kettle and coffee packets were also available.

Slippers and hair dryer were in the closet.

You’ll also receive complimentary wi-fi in your room but if you brought a laptop with you, the connection was SO SLOW. I could barely load Youtube let alone stream a movie on Netflix. Facebook took a long time to load too. It got slightly fast after midnight but just slightly.

I had to tether to my phone and my mobile data connection is so much faster, maybe even faster than my own Unifi at home. Haha. I spent the night watching a horror movie at like 2 am.


Regalodge Hotel Ipoh Review

The bathroom with green theme. Quite small. Pretty clean on the surface except for one part (look below). They don’t have a bathtub but they have the rain shower head so it was awesome! Water heater was available so it was really awesome to take a shower at night after a long day. Shampoo and shower gel were available so you don’t have to bring your own.

Apart from that, there were also complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste. I think razor too. And shower cap if I’m not mistaken.


While everything else seemed clean, something wasn’t. And it what I feared.


When I lifted up the seat, there it was, droplets of yellow liquid which looked a LOT like urine. I was absolutely disgusted. Since it was already midnight I decided to let it go. But I refused to use the toilet. Luckily my house was just a few minutes away and I had already used the toilet at home. I also refused to use the towel provided just in case… you know… luckily I brought my own.

Regalodge Hotel Ipoh Review

There weren’t that many channels. Local channels are included of course. Then some news channels. And some movie channels. The movie channels were showing really interesting movies during my stay there so I wasn’t bored. But then again, I brought my own laptop so I’d still have something to keep me entertained.

One of the movies shown was Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times‘. I was so happy because it’s the movie I used to study back in college and it’s also one of my favorite silent movies. It reminds me of the good, old college time.

Overall, it was a nice stay at Regalodge Hotel Ipoh and worth it for that price because I’ve spent almost the same amount at other smaller boutique hotel that lacked the required amenities.


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