France is the World Cup 2018 Champion!

France Fifa World Cup 2018 Champion

Congratulations, France!

With that, the World Cup 2018 is now officially over. It has been nothing but shocking. I wanted to blog sooner about this during the elimination round but I have been so busy with other projects. My sleeping pattern is also screwed up when most of the matches were at 2am Malaysian time. I don’t have a TV so I’m very glad I could still watch the World Cup 2018 via and a VPN by ExpressVPN.

First thing first.

All the big players were eliminated! What? The 2014 world cup champion, Germany, didn’t even get to the round of 16. What a mess. And all the big players like Spain, Portugal and Argentina didn’t get to the quarter-finals and were eliminated. We said goodbye to the key players like Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

But Brazil did get through. I had high hope.

I’ve been a Brazil supporter since forever. Since I was very young. I could still remember the time when Brazil was the champion in 2002. It was glorious. After the extremely humiliating performance in the last world cup 2014, I had high hope that with Neymar Jr (and with his oscar-worthy performance) in the team this time, Brazil would go on to win the cup.

But nope.

Not even with Neymar Jr. around. They lost to Belgium in the quarter-finals. At least it wasn’t an embarassing lost. It was just 2-1 with Belgium compared to 7-1 with Germany. I still can’t get over that.

France World Cup 2018 Champion

It’s really surprising that the underdogs, the teams that didn’t get much spotlight nor hype would actually advance to the semi-finals (except England). And I never imagined that Croatia would go against France in the final! I was actually rooting for Croatia because they’ve never won the world cup and I wanted them to make a new history as France already won once exactly 20 years ago. It’ll also be a perfect chance for Croatia to take revenge against France who beat them in 1998 semi-final, sending them to win 3rd place instead.

Ah well, they did a great job but not great enough to beat France so congratulations to France for being the champion!

France World Cup 2018 Champion 2

Now I can go back to sleeping during normal hours and hopefully I’ll get the chance to watch the next World Cup in 4 years!



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