Google Adsense Showing ‘Automatic Payment Pending’?

Automatic Payment Pending? What?

I can’t deny that I’ve been panicking. It’s November 26th where I am right now at 5 am (still November 25th in the US) and I still haven’t received any email or payment from Google for my Adsense earning.

If you’ve been receiving payments from Google Adsense, then you would know that normal by the 21st of every month, you’d get an email stating that your payment has been sent. Then give it a couple of days, the amount will be reflected in your account. This is via wire transfer.

I haven’t been getting anything. Upon checking, in the ‘Transactions‘ record, it’s only showing ‘Automatic Payment Pending‘. I have never seen that before. By the 24th, I still haven’t received anything.

I started panicking.

Adsense automatic payment pending november 2018

When you’ve been receiving your Adsense earnings for years and has never had this happen before, you can’t help but worry in case you did something wrong and Google is withholding your payment.

For years I’ve been cashing out via western union. I’ve just switched to wire transfer method recently. I’d get the email by 21st and credited into my account by 24th so this is very new to me.

Google Adsense Wire Transfer

So, I googled it and is somewhat relieved to find out I’m not the only one. Apparently, people around the world have yet to receive their payment and are seeing the same ‘automatic payment pending‘ message.


After googling, I found out some things.

  • If your account says automatic payment pending and shows your account number with it, it’s completely normal. It means that your payment has been approved and is in process of being sent out via wire transfer.
  • Google Adsense does have a time frame of 21st to 26th to process all payments so you don’t necessarily will receive it exactly on the 21st.
  • Payment might also get delayed if there’s a weekend or any other holiday. In that case, the payment will be processed on the first or second working day after the holiday.

And then guess what I realized? It’s THANKSGIVING week! D’oh.


It’s no wonder that the payment is delayed. On Friday, it was Black Friday. Then, it was the weekend. Argh.

So, hopefully, all of us who are anxiously waiting for our earnings to be credited into our bank account will see it by today or tomorrow.

Please, Google. I’m so broke.


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