Staycation Experience @ WEIL Hotel Ipoh

I had the opportunity to stay at WEIL Hotel Ipoh for 3 days 2 nights as my weekend getaway or in another word, my ‘staycation’.

But it wasn’t just a plain, boring weekend. It was 3 days packed with a full WEIL Hotel Ipoh experience from the hotel aspect to their food and beverage.

And it was damn awesome.

If you’ve stayed at WEIL Hotel Ipoh before, or if you’re an Ipoh citizen, then you’ll know that they are one of the best spots for dining in Ipoh from breakfast to tea time to dinner. Their hotel is also strategically located in the center of town and conveniently connected to Ipoh Parade shopping mall.

And I got to experience the best of WEIL Hotel Ipoh.

This blog post will summarize my weekend at WEIL Hotel Ipoh. If you would like to read a detailed review of the hotel room and my dining experience, I will post the links below once they’re posted.


Check-In and Ramadhan Buffet Preview

I arrived at almost 6 pm to check-in into the hotel room before the Ramadhan buffet preview started. My room was on the 9th floor and it was just beside the elevators.

I was so surprised how spacious the room was! But I had to compensate the space with a small window at the corner. It was perfect for me. I actually prefer a room with a small or no window. I normally leave the curtains closed anyway, haha.

There was also a sofa near the window so you could relax or read a book quietly. If I didn’t have a full itinerary that weekend, I would just relax with my Kindle and read a book or two.

The link to a more detailed review of the room will be up soon.

After taking a bunch of pictures of the room, I went down for the Ramadhan Buffet preview at TIFFIN. You can read the review here:

I actually went back home to feed my cats (lol) and came back to my hotel room at almost 1 am. Thought I’d stay up for a bit but the bed was too comfy.


Breakfast at The Concept Lounge

To start off the morning of my second day at WEIL Hotel Ipoh, I went for breakfast at their Concept Lounge which is actually on the restricted 11th floor according to my itinerary.

At first, I thought I was wrong. So, I went down to TIFFIN to see if we were actually meant to have breakfast there but there was no one. I asked the staff and they told me to use my card but when I told them I couldn’t access it, one of the staffs helped me gain access to the floor.

Compared to TIFFIN, it’s actually quite a small and very private area with a selection of very light breakfast. The room even has a TV for you to watch while having your breakfast.

This is perfect for those who just want a quiet, private time in the morning while sipping a cup of joe but I assume you have to be staying on the concept floor to have access to the concept lounge.

The breakfast selection was light and simple. For a detailed review of my breakfast at The Concept Lounge, I will post the link here once it’s posted.

Dim Sum Brunch at Yuk Sou Hin

Right after the breakfast I went for dim sum brunch at their Yuk Sou Hin restaurant.

The food at Yuk Sou Hin is actually ‘halal’ but they couldn’t get halal certification because they do have alcohol there. It’s hard to get affordable halal dim sum in Ipoh so if you’re craving for some halal dim sum or authentic halal Chinese food, I highly recommend Yuk Sou Hin.

Their dim sum are seriously one of the best in town.

Link to a full review will be posted soon.

After the brunch, I had some free time so I went to take care of some errands and in the late afternoon came back for some tea time!

Hi-Tea at The Tea Lounge

The Tea Lounge is located on the first floor, overlooking the lobby. I absolutely love having hi-tea at their tea lounge because of their tier set.

Their tier set consist of 3 tiers of different selection of food – sweet (top), savory (middle) and bland (bottom).

As for drinks, I chose one of their Tea Drop’s selection – Malabar Chai.

The set also comes with some scones with cream and jam. I absolutely LOVE their scones and I could eat so much of these!

Link for the detailed review of their hi-tea set soon!

Then we get a short free time to rest before heading for dinner.

Dinner at The Deck Gastrobar

The Deck Gastrobar is one of my favorite spots for dinner because of the food. I’ve reviewed The Deck a couple of times before this at my food blog Sinfully Delicious Malaysia.

We had a course meal that night. There’s not a single bad thing I could say about the food there because I loved it. I’ve always loved the food at The Deck.

The Deck is a good spot to chill with your friends because it’s on the top floor. You could go outside to The Lawn where you could enjoy the breathtaking picturesque view of Ipoh town or you could relax by the infinity pool, also overlooking the beautiful Ipoh city.

Link for a detailed review soon!

I spent hours chatting with an IG Influencer until after midnight before heading back to my room. I was so tired and so full that I just crashed on my bed instantly.


Breakfast Buffet at TIFFIN

Now, whether you want a heavy or light breakfast, local or western, TIFFIN is the place to be. There’s a variety of food to choose from. If you like light breakfast, you can go for eggs (half boiled or scrambled), waffles, toasts or even some local delights like fried rice, fried beehoon, curry and more. For a healthier option, there are some yogurts with muesli, fruits, and salad.

My only regret is that I woke up late so I went for breakfast pretty late – about 9.30am. I was rushing to eat everything before they clear things out at 10.30am. But I was happy I got to eat some of their damn delicious waffle, pancake, and sausages.

Right after that, we went for a tour of the Bakery Shop.

Link coming soon!

Breads, Pastries & Desserts at The Bakery Shop @ WEIL

Oh my gosh. This is so beautiful.

We loved that apple dessert so much because it’s way too pretty. It was the first thing that caught my eye.

Their orange juice is freshly squeezed on the spot using 7 oranges per cup so you can be sure you’ll be getting 100% pure & refreshing orange juice!

I wanted to try the macarons because I’m a huge macaron lover. Their macarons are unique. Normally, macarons have sweet fillings but they mix sweet and savory. Have you tried salmon macaron? Sun-dried tomato macaron? Only at the Bakery Shop @ WEIL.

The Bakery Shop @ WEIL is located in the linkway to Ipoh Parade. You can get desserts, pastries, sweet treats, cakes etc. Bakery Shop is where they get their pastries/desserts for their hi-tea tier set as well.

Link to detailed review coming soon!

After that, I got to relax in my room for a couple of hours before I had to check out at 3pm. Normal check out time is 12pm but we were given an extra time to rest as some of the bloggers had to drive back to KL right after.

So, that’s my entire weekend staycation at WEIL Hotel Ipoh. It was a fricken awesome experience and a very much needed break from my stressful life. Thank you WEIL Hotel Ipoh for the awesome experience and your awesome hospitality.

You can check out WEIL Hotel Ipoh‘s website for more details and room booking:

Also, check out their Facebook page for latest updates and promotions.


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