Kitohana Moist Li Cious Series Review

Kitohana Moist Li Cious Series Review

If you suffer from dry skin, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be. If my skin is exposed too long to heat or sun, it will get very dry and flaky. It will start peeling because the skin on my face is quite thin.

If it gets dry, then it will become rough and then comes the dark patches from feeling itchy and scratching it. If I don’t do anything about it, my face will become dull for a long time. And that sucks. Plus I don’t drink water a lot to keep myself hydrated so it becomes a problem too.

Then I was introduced to this Kitohana Moist Li Cious Series trial set to help with the dry skin problem.

The set came in a nice little wooden gift box. The first thing I saw was the Kitohana Foaming Cleanser. Also included in the set are miniature samples of their other products to be used together.

The box includes:

  • Moist Li Cious Foaming Cleanser
  • O² Bubbly Mask
  • Day Protector
  • Aqua Essence
  • Night Cream
  • Foaming Cleanser
  • Aqua Mask

Kitohana Foaming Cleanser contains ingredients Centella extracts and pomegranate seed oil, which boost antioxidant activity and protect against free radicals. Aloe vera and allantoin will calm and soothe, while hyaluronic acid and Trehalose will hydrate your skin. 

The cleanser is soap-free that cleans gently and to soften the skin.

The Aqua Essence is an intensive treatment that visibly plumps and deeply hydrates.

The Aqua Gel Mask is an ultra-hydrating mask with active botanical suspended in a silky gel that moisturizes, clarifies, and brightens skin, all in a single step.

Day Protector is a moisturizer that acts as a natural barrier and battles against redness, and sensitivity to ensure skin glows and stays looking younger.

The Night Cream is an intensely nourishing nighttime formula that deeply moisturizes, soothes redness and irritation, and boosts firmness and elasticity to help rewind the visible signs of aging at night.

The O² Bubbly Mask is a refreshing mask that instantly bubbles on your skin for an invigorating, deep cleansing, purifying and producing visibly brighter complexion. It removes dirt, excess oil, and makeup buildup with its oxygenated bubbles upon contact. It features Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid and pomegranate seed oil for radiant skin.

Using the set is easy.

Every morning I cleanse the face with the Cleanser, then applying the Aqua Essence followed by Day Protector.

Every night, cleansing the face with the Cleanser, then the Aqua Essence and followed by Night Protector.

The weather has been ridiculously crazy hot lately and with this set, my skin can stay hydrated with continuous usage. I’ve used it a few times and could already feel the difference. My skin is, of course, more hydrated and fresh.

You can find out more about Kitohana Moist Li Cious range or get their Ohana set at their website at

You can also check out their Facebook for more info:


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