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Taylor Swift’s Cat Owe Her $40 Million Dollars?!

Taylor Swift

I’m not a huge fan of Taylor Swift but a couple of days ago I saw some news with a rumor that Taylor Swift are looking are the possibility of insuring her legs from injuries then finding out…

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Diana Danielle’s Sexy Photo in Esquire


So, apparently, one of today’s hot topics in Malaysia’s entertainment world has been the sexy photo of Diana Danielle in Esquire Malaysia magazine wearing lingerie with her body wrapped in American flag. There are also a few other…

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Harun Salim Bachik Dies At 55

PETALING JAYA: Actor Haron Amin Rashid Salim, or better known as Harun Salim Bachik, passed away on Sunday after collapsing in a restroom at Bukit Merah rest and service area in Perak.  He was 55. “Yes, it is…

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RIP Robin Williams Dies 1951-2014

Robin Williams passed away 🙁 What a terrible and shocking news to wake up to this morning. It’s totally unexpected. From what I’ve read, the initial report says that his death is a suspected suicide – asphyxia. He…

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Datuk Aziz Sattar Passed Away… Al-fatihah

Innalillah. I woke up early morning yesterday, loaded my facebook, checked the feed and I saw about the news. Not a good news to wake up to obviously. Another legend gone. Datuk Aziz Sattar passed away at approximately…

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